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General Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why use a Tuff Country suspension system?

Tuff Country's suspension systems are engineered to perform to the highest standards on & off road. All systems are tested extensively insure the highest quality available. If there ever is a problem with a Tuff Country System our staff is second to none in service and knowledge.

2. Will installing a suspension system affect my towing capacity?

No, most systems include rear blocks or add-a-leafs. These will not affect your towing capacity. In the case of add-a-leaf, they will actually improve the overall capacity.

3. Will I need a front end alignment after installing a suspension system?

Yes, to insure proper tire wear, it is always recommended that a front end alignment is done after installation of any lift kit.

4. What type of ride should I expect after installing a Tuff Country suspension sytem?

Most vehicles with front leaf springs or coils springs can expect a slightly stiffer ride with improved handling and control characteristics. Vehicles with IFS front suspensions will see no change or very little change in ride stiffness.

5. What size of tire can I use after installing a suspension system?

See the Tuff Country Tire Fit Guide.

6. Can I install a Tuff Country suspension system myself.

It is highly recommend that installation of suspension systems be performed by qualified technicans. However, because many individuals do install suspensions systems themselves Tuff Country includes detailed instructions and has a tech department that offers free technical support.

7. Can I use my stock rims with a suspension system?

In most cases yes. However a few applications do require a change for proper backspacing and clearance. Please check your applciation to find out if a wheel change is needed.


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